April 19, 2021
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Oak Grove School holds capacity building workshop for the teachers

Mussoorie : With a view to keep their teachers abreast with the latest techniques in pedagogy,Oak Grove School organized  two day-long capacity building workshop on Career Guiedence  for the teachers of all the streams on date 17th and 18th October under the roof of the school auditorium .The work shop was conducted  by Mrs Shalini Swaroop,Resouce person of CBSE, Dehradun and Mr.J..P Pandey ,Principal ,Oak Grove School jointly. Mrs. Shalini Swaroop conducted many work shops on  career conselling  for teachers of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi for Social Studies & History. She has  also conducted CBSE (Centre of excellence) workshops on Gender Sensitivity, Life Skills etc.

Speaking on the occasion Mr.J.P Pandey  said that around 45 teachers attended the workshop from the different places of Uttarakahnd  . He added that regular developments in the field of education have made training as mandatory for the teachers as it is for the benefits of students.

Mr.Pandey further added that this workshop is an introductory programme to career planning, its importance and methodology.  It follows a broad overview of various career options available to students of every stream.

The workshop will expose students to opportunities in a range of professional fields from fashion designing, law and hotel management to business management, bio-technology and environmental sciences, covering not only the more conventional careers such as the civil services, law, engineering and medicine, but also  a host of new options in event management, modelling, mobile apps design, film animation, music technology, web design, fashion merchandising, social media marketing and many others.
This is an interactive workshop, using audio-visual aids, which assists students in identifying career options and appropriate higher education routes.

During the question and answer sessions, students and their parents can put forward any question they may have on the different options available and  also on the most suitable institutions for study in India and abroad and the job opportunities thereafter.

In the work shop the folwwing were present Dr. Sanjay Dube, Head Master, Oak Grove Senior Boys’ School,  Ms. Rekha Sangal, Head Mistress, Oak Grove Senior Girls’ School, , Mr. Anand Kumar ,Head Master,Incharge ,Oak Grove Junior School ,Mr.Vinay Kumar , Mr.Puneet Kumar ,Dr. Atul Kumar Saxena ,Mrs.Anuradha Sharma , Mr.Vipul Rawar, Mr. Anupam Singh, Mr.Santosh Kumar  ,Mr. R.N Yadav, Mrs. Manneesha Sharma Ms.Prerna Yadav,Mr.Shadab Alam and   faculty members  and students of the school.

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