April 18, 2021
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Blood donation camp held at Oak Grove School

Mussoorie :  Indian Medical Association, Dehradun held a blood donation camp at Oak Grove School today .The blood donation camp was inaugurated jointly by Mr. J.P Pandey ,Principal ,Oak Grove School and Dr. Heena Dhobal,Additional Divisonal Medical Officer ,Oak Grove School hospital ,Jharipani .In the blood donation camp 50 persons of teaching and non teaching staff registered themselves to donate blood.

 Speaking on the occasion Mr.J.P Pandey, Principal Oak Grove encouraged the donors by telling that blood donation is not a small donation it is a very big donation. It could save someone’s precious life, Could light a family’s lamp, and could give happiness to a family. It is a matter of pride for the students Oak Grove School of this great work and their cooperation. On the occasion, Mr. Pandey further added that blood donation is known as a huge donation. Accidents are happened almost daily in our Country. Therefore inflated by donating blood in the hospital, which is provided to the patient at the time the blood is attained accident. Imposed under this unprecedented enthusiasm of the students were in camp.

Dr. Heena  Dhobal , A.D.M.O, Oak Grove Railway Health unit said that the blood can be donated by any volunteer, a person from among us, who makes the choice to donate blood. When you donate blood, you join a very select group, currently only 0.8 out of every 100 people in India donate blood. You have the power to make a difference in someone’s life. All you have to do is to make a contribution. Every donation helps to save 3-4 lives, your contribution can help bring comfort to those in need.

                    Dr. Dhobhal further added that there are a lot of misconceptions related to blood donation but they are not true. Whenever anyone donates blood it also inspires others for the same. I would like to overcome those fears. After donating blood there is no weakness in the body of any kind.

In the blood donation camp  Mrs Sanju Pandey , Dr. Sanjay Dube  ,Headmaster,Oak Grove Boys’ School , Mrs.Rekha Sangal, Head Mistress  , Oak Grove Senior Girls’ School Dr.Swati,Ms.Bharti Sharma,,Dr. Atul Kumar Saxena ,Mr.Ravi Panwar,Mr. Anuapm Singh , Mr. Bahadur Singh ,Mr. R.N Yadav ,Mr. Salim Ahamed, Dr. Sarfaraz , Mr.Deepak Daniel,Promoter and teacher of IMA ,Dehradun , Mr. Amit Kumar ,Mrs. Rajani Arya , Mr.R.S Mehra Ms. Tanuja , ,Ms. Divya ,Mr.Ram Shankar and all the members of medical team of IMA  were present

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